Chat Rules and GuidelinesEdit

  • Keep it PG-13. This means don't swear, and do not discuss sexual content. If you wish to do this, please go elsewhere. Censoring swears (such as F*** or fck) counts as well. No swearing in any format or language (this also breaks rule #4)
  • Be kind to other users. This is common sense. Don't be rude to anybody.
  • Don't bite the newbies. This means to not attack new users. Help them out, and show them around. If someone needs help, please help them. This rule goes with the last one.
  • Speak proper English. Use correct grammar and spelling. Please speak English, as this is an English wiki.
  • Listen to users. If someone requests to change the subject, please do.
  • Listen to moderators. If they tell you to stop something, stop.

For Chat ModeratorsEdit

  • Never abuse your power. Don't use your abilities to kick or ban someone you dislike.
  • Treat everyone equally. Ban as needed. Don't pick favorites, if someone commits an offense, punish them accordingly. This does not mean to ban everyone, but ban if necessary.


  • A warning. A moderator should warn a user of their offense, as they may not know the rules. If necessary, a moderator may not warn the user and kick them directly.
  • A kick. When you are kicked from chat, you can rejoin. The kick serves as a stern warning to stop breaking the rules.
  • A ban. A ban may be issued to prevent a user from entering this wiki's chat. Bans can be from two hours to permanent. A ban will get longer if offenses are repeated (one offense, three days, two offenses, a week, etc.).
    • A ban can be issued immediately if the user is spamming, and a permanent ban can be issued if a user admits to being a sockpuppet. If a user is a sockpuppet, you must have evidence that that user is a sockpuppet, and that they are avoiding a ban.

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